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The Great Hearts Initiatives Community® (Great Hearts) is a giving circle dedicated to bringing people together to take small actions for good. We're an online giving network making a real world difference. So far we’ve helped over 350 causes and have taken over 250,000 actions for good.
Nominating a nonprofit cause to be part of Great Hearts is an important way to support causes you care about. All US-based 501(C)3 public nonprofits that are in good standing are eligible to be considered.
There are no fees to participate. By sharing about cause that are important to you, you are helping to make a difference.

Tap on the Nominate Clicklet above
to nominate a nonprofit.

Nominations are considered quarterly.

Benefits of Being a Part of the Great Hearts Community

Once nominated and reviewed through a due diligence process, an accepted nonprofit organization:
  • Receives a Great Hearts profile page on which the its mission, goals, key initiatives, and needs are featured.
  • Is eligible to participate in Great Hearts Awards and social media amplification. For this grant process, Great Hearts Community members "vote" for nonprofit(s) to be financially supported by our giving circle. The size of grants given are based on contributions to our giving circle and members participating via our social media channels.
  • May receive financial contributions from Great Hearts Community members. Although the Great Hearts Community is not a crowdfunding site, it does provide a good way to financially give to your organization. All financial contributions that are generated via Great Hearts go directly to your nonprofit. No set up fees or administrative costs are taken out.