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Applications are considered quarterly.
Becoming part of the Great Hearts Initiatives Community® (Great Hearts Community) is a way to support and promote your nonprofit organization. We believe that everyone has something to give and have developed many options for doing so.
All US-based 501(C)3 nonprofits that are in good standing are eligible to be part of the Great Hearts Community. There are no fees for participating.

Benefits of Being a Part of the Great Hearts Community

Once registered, your organization will have the opportunity to:
  • Promote your cause by completing a Great Hearts Community web page on which you may highlight your mission, goals, key initiatives, and needs. Doing so will attract Great Hearts Community members to learn about your organization, to get involved with your activities, and to provide other forms of support.
  • Participate in the Great Hearts Award. For this innovative monetary award, Great Hearts Community members select their favorite nonprofit(s). Awards are given throughout the year. There is a Great Hearts Awards at least once a month.
  • Receive financial contributions from Great Hearts Community members. Although the Great Hearts Community is not a crowdfunding site, it does provide a good way for community members to financially give to your organization. All financial contributions that are generated via Great Hearts go directly to your nonprofit. No set up fees or administrative costs are taken out.

What The Great Hearts Community Asks of Your Organization

We ask that your organization actively participate in Great Hearts Community activities by:
  • Completing your organizational profile.
  • Frequently update your profile with your programs, needs and events.
  • Help the Great Hearts Community to grow by encouraging your volunteers, board members, staff and others to join. Your supporters will be able to help you during the Giver's Choice Award.
  • Sharing your social media resources (e.g. videos, online stories, resources) and, occasionally, using your network to communicate community messages. Doing so helps to build awareness of your organization as well as helps the Great Hearts Community.
  • Be supportive of our community guidelines so that Great Hearts can be a helpful, safe and inclusive place for inspiration, giving and connecting with people.
  • Tell us how we can be supportive of your efforts.
After joining, your nonprofit will be showcased so that Great Hearts Community members get to know and support your organization.
Thanks for all the good work that you are doing.

Barb Lorsbach
Co-Founder and CEO, Great Hearts Initiatives

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