Great Hearts Initiatives | About Us

About Us

Great Hearts Initiatives® celebrates and supports the people and organizations that are doing good in the world. Our story is really the collective stories of many people coming together to make a difference. The compassion shown by greathearted people is our inspiration.
We’re an online community that connects people to causes they care about. Over 300 nonprofit organizations that have been recommended by Great Hearts members and our community is growing daily. The Great Hearts Community helps to build awareness, develop resources, and connect people to these important efforts. 
Great Hearts Initiatives is an innovator in fostering people engagement. Great Hearts Initiatives is also a performance accelerator helping those who are doing good to do more, better. Inspired giving. Better doing. Greater Impact. Our work includes:
  • Making connections among giving people and causes;
  • Helping people to experience the physical and emotional benefits of giving—the “giver’s glow”;
  • Supporting the important work of causes and nonprofits regardless of their size; and
  • Providing strategic and operational services to nonprofits to increase their capabilities.
By bringing together people who are helping others, and by supporting their efforts, Great Hearts Initiatives will expand abilities to make a lasting impact and empower healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Our Philosophy

Everyone has something to give.
The desire to have purpose is natural and fundamental to the human spirit.
The compassion and dedication shown by greathearted people is inspiring.
People working together can make a remarkable impact for good.

Our Business Model

Great Hearts Initiatives is a social enterprise. We chose this approach as an alternative to creating a public charity or family foundation. A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. We believe that the social enterprise model is the right fit for our mission and goals. Operating as a social enterprise helps reach our goal of creating a purpose-built giving and impact platform that ensures the maximum portion of financial contributions goes directly to charities.
Great Hearts Initiatives is privately held and encourages investment in nonprofits and community-based organizations rather than itself.